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Dualsenses Color Revive Shampoo - Cool Blonde

Dualsenses Color Revive Shampoo - Cool Blonde

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Cold blonde shampoo.

If you're a blonde, you know that maintaining a fresh and vibrant tone can be quite a challenge. But thanks to Dualsenses Color Revive Color Giving Shampoo Cool Blonde from Goldwell, you can have shiny hair that is full of life. This toning shampoo helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones, while caring for and protecting your hair with its gentle, sulfate-free formula.

With Dualsenses Color Revive Color Giving Shampoo Cool Blonde, your hair will be soft, manageable and with a spectacular cool blonde tone. In addition, its fresh and pleasant aroma will make you feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Take advantage of the benefits of this revolutionary shampoo and feel the difference in your hair from the first use.


aqua (water)sodium laureth sulfatePropyleneglycolcoco-glucosidecocamidopropyl betainesodium chloridepeg-160 sorbitan triisostearatepeg-18 glyceryl oleate/cocoatecitric acidpeg-60 hydrogenated castor oilpolyquaternium-10quaternium-80panthenolethylhexyl methoxycinnamate glycerinoctyldodecyl pcadisodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonatesodium pcaHydrolyzed Verbascum Thapsus Flowerglycoproteinssalix nigra (willow) bark extractsodium benzoatepotassium sorbateparfum (fragrance) benzyl salicylatehexyl cinnamallimonenelinaloolacid blue 9acid violet 43

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